Recycling Methheads

Es ist offensichtlich möglich Urin von Methamphetaminkonsumenten zu recyclen:

There is a new method of cooking methamphetamine that’s starting to pop up in East Tennessee.

On Thursday, Anderson County authorities raided a house being used by a suspect to allegedly recycle urine back into the powerful and illegal stimulant.

Officials with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office told Volunteer TV News that they’ve recently started coming across urine meth labs.

“This is the third one,” said Lt. Kenny Sharp, “but this is the largest we’ve had.”

Und natürlich gibt es jemanden der eine völlig… entmenschlichte Frage dazu stellt:

[…] she told me to force her on her belly and piss inside of her ass. I was honestly turned on at the time (in my sober state… yuck), but I didn’t because I have read that a decent amount of meth is excreted unchanged in urine. Would anything be absorbed rectally if I were to do that? I’m not too sure just how viable meth in urine is, or rectal drug use. Sorry for the really… weird question, and yes, I’m serious, just playing it as safe as possible!

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