Eggersmann & Lang

beautiful stationery design from 1865 and onwards

Paid a visit to the Ruhrmuseum today, this beautifully designed stationery is among the exhibits (photos are taken with a smartphone, so apologies for the low quality are in order).

Eggersmann & Lang, 1890, seem to have made and sold electricity products (based on this guy’s designs). Lahmeyer is still in business.
A. J. Hannemann Maschinenfabrik, Eisen- u. Metallgiesserei, 1907
Deutsche Babcock & Wilcox Dampfkessel-Werke A.-G., 1910
Gummi- & Gutta-Percha-Waaren-Fabrik Emanuel A.R. Blancke, 1865
F. Asthöwer & Co., Tiegelgussstahlfabrik, 1881
Kölner Eisenwerk u. Rheinische Apparate Bau-Anstalt G.m.b.H, 18??
Hermann Müller Armaturen Fabrik Metall Giesserei, 1902
Deutsche Vacuum Oil Company, 1910, today a part of ExxonMobil
Julius Boeddinghaus Fabrik von Doppelspiraldübeln, 1901
Farbenfabriken vorm. Friedr. Bayer & Co., 1906, today Bayer 
Bochumer Verein für Bergbau u. Gusstahlfabrikation, 1867, today a part of ThyssenKrupp.
Elektrotechnische Fabrik Rheydt, 1890, Schorch today
Kölner Accumulatoren-Werke, 1903
Westfälische Drahtwerke, 1900
Annener Gussstahlwerk Actien-Gesellschaft, 1916
Henschel & Sohn Abt. Henrichshütte Hattingen A.D. Ruhr, 1906

Other examples of this kind of stationery can be found on ebay, search for “alte rechnungen”.

Music Blog Scraper

To make the downloading of a bunch of tracks from music blogs a bit easier (like the excellent Freebreaksblog), i’ve made a scraper for these kind of blogs. You can paste a link and the JS will list all links to the soundcloud downloads on that page. If there’s no available download, it falls back to retrieve the (low quality) stream mp3.

The scraper is designed to be used with jDownloader, a download-manager with an enormous amount of features. It also handles the actual retrieving of the download URLs.

Soundcloud Blog Scraper

Source on github